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Ericsson W30 3G Mobile Broadband Router

The Ericsson W30 is the natural choice for providing high speed internet using the mobile phone networks. It offers a highly cost efficient solution utilizing the 2G/3G mobile network, especially in locations that lack fixed line infrastructure or as an alternative to traditional landline based internet services.

These state-of-the-art WCDMA/HSUPA routers with integrated design for high quality and performance support the major deployed communication standards.

The Ericsson W30 router is ideal for many applications including, marine, corporate internet backup, wireless local loop, data applications and home office use.

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Why the W30?

The benefit of the Ericsson W30 HSUPA Router is that it provides wired or wireless connectivity options to the user. Data access for multiple users is via an inbuilt four port router or WiFi.

Thanks to the W30’s integrated WLAN access point, WLAN enabled PC’s can be located at a distance from the W30 thus giving the user local mobility.

The simplicity of the W30 enables the installation to be carried out in a matter of minutes by the end user. Configuration of the W30 is using an inbuilt web browser based interface.

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